Dynasty trade deadline targets

Mid-season Dynasty transactions

What follows are a collection of guys I’m targeting at the trade deadline. There are a variety of reasons I believe they should be bought, some are injured, or underperforming, some are off the radar guys I expect to see get off-season sleeper and deep sleeper love, while others are break out players I expect have only shown us the tip of their proverbial ice-bergs.


Jimmy Garoppolo – I like me some hurt guys. The offseason hype has nauseating. His value was inflated to unreasonable levels, to be scoffed at by seasoned fantasy snobs. But now, after sitting idle for months, everyone has found newer, shinier lures to nibble on and Jimmy G might have settled into reasonable territory.


Lamar Jackson – I read a tweet this week that suggested Jackson’s poor pre-season performance was reason not to start him over Flacco. I hope all of my league mates read and agreed with this takes because I certainly do not. Preseasons are for learning, players learn and grow and improve, unless of course they are Joe Flacco, who’s game and hairstyle seem trapped in another time. If someone is stupid enough to trade you Jackson at any price, oblige them.

Running back

Justin Jackson – Austin Ekeler and Melvin Gordon have been excellent and Jackson, every bit as good as Ekeler, is waiting in the wings quietly learning. He was a complete and completely dependable back in college, he will find a place and time. A deep roster stash who will eventually get some waiver wire chatter this season.

Chris Warren – An NFL pedigree coming off a huge pre-season now forgotten by many, thanks to a September injury. Everyone’s memories will be jogged this offseason when he’s on absolutely everyone’s sleeper list and after Lynch and/or Martin are purged from the Raiders’ shit show. He’s a beast of a player and Gruden will love him as a front man for his brand.

Kenneth Dixon – I’m a glutton for punishment so I will once more advocate for Dixon, oft-injured, once suspended and now facing another round of league scrutiny. He’s looked every opportunity in the eye and said “naw, maybe later”. Well maybe later could be next season, and if not, he’s done for. Hopefully he realizes the gravity of the situation and pulls himself up by the bootstraps.

Elijah McGuire – A possible 3-down back on a team desperate to find a home for go-to targets and touches. All bets are off as to what happens in New York this offseason, but we know the Jets need help on offense and the current staff was hyping McGuire during training camp as Tomlinson-light. Given that ridiculous endorsement, I like his chances to get a good, long look this year. If he shows anything at all, his name could find itself generating some off-season sleeper intrigue.

Nick Chubb – After his monster week 10 he’s undoubtedly and deservingly expensive. That said, he has the profile of a player capable of every down, elite production, so feel free to aggressively pay up. Chubb is going to be this year’s Kamara. Kamara you’ll remember started 2017 slow but had a tremendous finish. I expect Chubb to read from a similar script in 2018. Remember, though, that Kamara’s success came alongside a hall of fame quarterback, some elite offense weapons, and an excellent coaching staff. Chubb, on the other hand, is finding success in an unsettled system, with a reshuffled coaching staff, with a rookie QB. I expect this year to be very good for Chubb, but imagine what the future may hold if Cleveland gets the coaching right and Mayfield continues to improve.

C.J. Prosise – I’m saving up to buy Pete Carroll enough plutonium for the DeLorean that can allow him to escape 1985 and join the present-day NFL. The Seahawks remain reluctant to take advantage of the QB friendly landscape and allow Russell Wilson to be the best QB in the league. If they ever hit 88 miles an hour and rejoin us, I think they’ll find a pass catching hybrid RB/receiver is an excellent weapon to have. He has yet to make an appearance this year, but he offseason could bring considerable changes in Seattle and I think Prosise remains in the picture.

Aaron Jones – Another talent harnessed to a horrid coaching staff. Week 10 was a sign of things to come and while he’s nowhere near Nick Chubb, I’d pay asking price to get a piece of a Packer (that sounded horrible). Jones value could grow considerably this offseason if the Packers opt to part ways with Mike McCarthy.

Dwayne Washington – Mark Ingram remains an integral part of the Saints offense but when he is eventually dismissed for cap reasons, former big body wide receiver Dwayne Washington will be a promising replacement. Refer to Matt Waldman’s RSP, he of Nick Chubb backing fame, for more info on Washington. It’s possible Washington puts himself on the radar late this year if the Saints face injury, but I fully expect he finds himself on sleeper lists this offseason if Ingram leaves town.

Gio Bernard – Another great talent in a lousy situation. Gio Bernard reminds me of DeAngelo Williams. Both players were three-down backs considered a little too small or fragile to bear the weight of the full workload. In both cases their teams drafted an early round back that lightened their usage. In the case of Williams, he was I the wrong place at the wrong time and we never got to see what he was truly capable of. In the case of Gio, he’s been in the wrong place so far but his timing may be about to improve. Today’s NFL and PPR scorings popularity lend itself to players like Gio’s talents. The Bengals seem prepared to let Gio go, having drafted the Mark Walton and his similar skill set. Landing spot will determine a lot of Bernard’s go-forward value, but if he hits the jackpot and lands somewhere like Philly, you’ll be happy to have taken the modest risk of paying his current price.

Chase Edmonds – Offseason wild card call – the Cardinals would be wise to trade David Johnson to a team who can benefit from him now. If they were wise enough to do so, a longshot, yes, Edmonds is waiting in the wings and has a three down back profile.

Spencer Ware – An injury away from being a RB1, exactly what he was before he himself was injured and Wally Pipped a year ago. He deserves another look as he’s been great in with limited touches. He may have another year to wait, but he may one day find a new home. This duo reminds me of Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson of yesteryear.

Royce Freeman – I could add Phil Lindsay to this list who has been better and rightly out-touched Freeman so far for Denver. It’s just a matter of time though, until Freeman finds his footing.


Deon Cain – Andrew Luck looks pretty healthy and it wasn’t so long ago we’d draft Colt’s receiver on his presence alone. There seems to be a good deal of skepticism still surrounding luck and the Colts and their weapons seemed to have remained relatively cheap as a result. Cain’s value has likely slipped more than most as he’s an unproven talent with no regular season games under his belt. He has the profile of a WR2 in a team without one. With plenty of time to recover from the early season injury and the Colts coming back with more confidence in 2019, get a piece of the offense on the cheap.

Chris Godwin – Desean Jackson is pissed off and on his way out of Tampa. It’s unlikely his absence will be felt much with the talented Godwin in the wings. He’s certainly not the same sort of talent but he can amass the same number of passing yards, albeit on a greater number of catches. An offseason darling this year who has the physical profile of a top tier talent. Next year, with Jackson subtracted, many offseason prognosticators will be passing those yards over to Godwin in their projecting, puffing his ADP.

Corey Davis – Davis has had a tough time breaking out over his short career but is slowly gravitating to greatness. This all hinges on how Mariota and the Titans staff evolve as an offense. Davis has not been consistent on a game to game basis but he has been great in a few games that truly matter, two of which came against the Patriots. I’ll take a talented player rising to the occasion as a very good sign for their future.

Josh Gordon – The winds of change are coming to new England. Gronk could be on his last legs (though we hope not) and Edelman has some serious miles and injuries on his record. With failing hands, they will pass the torch to Gordon and Sony Michel. Be there to hold them high, which is what their prices are sure to be. If the Patriots are to stay atop the AFC, or at least the AFC East, new stars need to emerge. Gordon is a pretty strong candidate.

Tight end

Rob Gronkowski. Dark days in Gronkland. The former uber-alles tight has provided frustration, angst and panic in owners in place of his usual alpha production. This past offseason there were whispers he was considering early retirement. After this season’s trials, it’s safe to assume those whispered rumours will be converted to safe assumptions by many. And yes, he may actually retire. But what if the panicked owner in your league is willing to part with him for peanuts. It’s a gamble worth taking. A healthy Gronk at 100% or even 80% is an asset to ride into the offseason.

David Njoku – Njoku has been long on targets and short on production so far this season. He has yet to truly blow up the box score. On the field, however, he looks every bit the part of the dominant physical force he was advertised as a draft pick. He simply seems stronger, faster and better than most of those defending him. One of these weeks that box score will explode and when it does there will be no looking back. Time is ticking on him, so pay up big now and expect a quick return in the next week or two, and considerable hype beyond.

Jonnu Smith – His showing week 10 in New England put him back on the radar after several lackluster outings. If Mariota and company have indeed made some sort of leap as an offense, then Smith could provide a decent return this season. Delanie Walker remains a bit of a hurdle, but the late blooming Titans offense may have many returning to their bandwagon late this season, and into 2019.

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