For the record – week 7

@ Chargers -6.5 vs. Titans

The Chargers have been better than their record, the Titans have been worse than we could have imagined. Weird things happen in London games, and perhaps the Titans, can surprise this week. The coaching staff has apologized for the offenses output in recent weeks (post Eagles game) but the real problem may still be Mariota’s tingling throwing arm. I’m guessing it’s another ass -backwards UK game with too many turnovers, not enough scoring and the Chargers eking out a win against a modestly frisky Titans team that cover.


I’m betting that the Titans eventually look better. Mariota’s arm gets healthy enough to make Corey Davis matter and Dion Lewis has a second-half-of-the-season half bump as well. So, trade for these Titans if they’re cheap.

I’m also betting that Austin Ekeler or Melvin Gordon eventually go down to injury and Justin Jackson plays enough to matter. I’ve you’ve got the space, get him while he’s cheap.

@ Colts -7.5 vs. Bills

Here’s a game I hope I don’t have to watch. I’ll go Colts.


I’ll sit this one out.

Vikings -3.5 @ Jets

The Vikings aren’t as good as you think and the Jets aren’t as bad as they probably should be. The Vikes have yet to clean anyone’s clock and it is high time they make a statement and kick someone’s ass. The frisky Jets seem like a ripe candidate. Vikings to romp.


Elijah McGuire is coming back in the next two to three weeks and he may find himself in a good spot. The coaching staff, by all accounts, love him and he can easily improve the RB passing game in New York where Bilal Powell and Isiah Crowell have made little noise. Game scripts should favour the passing game and outlet passes should be a Darnold favourite. Beat the waiver wire rush and grab him this week or next.

@ Eagles -5.5 vs. Panthers

The Eagles just aren’t very good this year. I have no doubt they’ll get there in time, but there are just too many injuries to overcome at the moment. Expect this one to be close. Panthers cover.


With the receiver position so deep this year I don’t see any reason for us to pretend that Devin Funchess is good.

When the Eagles do get their shit together, don’t be surprised if it’s on the back of Darren Sproles, who will finish the season and likely his career with one last explosion.

@ Buccaneers -3.5 vs. Browns

A few similarities between the Buccs and Browns. Both have promising offensive coordinators, directly beneath lousy head coaches. Both of those head coaches have likely extended their agonizing tenures with better than expected starts. Both are potentially very exciting offenses if only their recently anointed or returned-from-suspension quarterbacks can sharpen their games. The Buccs have the advantage of home field while the Browns have the advantage of a functional defense. My best guess is the defense and a healthy dose of Nick Chubb bests a still sloppy Winston and a freshly installed defense.


I’ve been a broken record about getting yourself some Nick Chubb and it is now officially too late. The David Njoku coming out party date has been pushed back a few times but this could very well be the week he goes north of 100 yards.

Chris Godwin has been a decent play several weeks, but should any injuries befall Evans of Jackson his stock could spike. Ditto Peyton Barber, whose best game last week is a sign of things to come.

Patriots -3.5 @ Bears

If the Patriots can best Mahomes at home, I have little doubt they’ll be able to contain Trubisky in Chicago. Look for New England to amplify their usual dink and dunk game, using screens-a-plenty against the Chicago front.


Plenty of fantasy assets to like here for this year and beyond. I’m selling Brady, White and Hogan in New England, but buying all the Gordon, Gronk, Michel and Edelman I can get.

Chicago offense can be bought across the board starting with the increasingly affordable Howard. I’m also buying Cohen and Miller where I can. I’m avoiding Gabriel and selling Allan Robinson, who still may hold some value from his Jacksonville WR1 success.

@ Jaguars -5.5 vs. Texans

The Jags appear to have maturity issues to overcome, while the Texans have a horrid offensive line and questionable head coach to contend with. Neither have lived up to pre-season expectation. The Jags, playing at home following a humiliating loss to Dallas last week, should have a fire in their belly. Adding Hyde to the backfield mix should help anchor the offense and open up the passing game. I’d be a big buyer of Keelan Cole for this week. Jags to cover.


I’m buying Keelan Cole for this week and beyond. He put up considerable chunks of yards in 2017 through play action, and getting Carlos Hyde helps the depth of the backfield. Things may get suddenly more consistent in Jacksonville. They need to turn the season around quickly, and the aggressive Hyde move should be applauded.

Ideally the Texans will take a page out of the Jags book and trade for running back depth. Ameer Abdullah still feels right to me.

@ Dolphins -0.5 vs. Lions

I’m not betting on back to back Brock Osweiler wins. If Matt Patricia can’t be counted on to formulate a plan to flummox Osweiler, then why exactly was the defensive mastermind brought in. All that can defeat the Lions here are costly mistakes and turnovers. Lions to win.


Long-term buys, despite short-term mediocrity: Kalen Ballage and Kenyan Drake. Both seem well suited for Gase’s system, and assuming he sticks around long enough as head coach, Frank Gore will eventually open up carries and targets for his understudies.

@ Ravens -2.5 vs. Saints

Possibly the game of the week. The Saints can sometimes stall on the road versus formidable defenses and that’s exactly what this week looks like. The game goes one of two ways: the Baltimore D has answers and keeps the Saints to short and frustrating drives OR they have no such luck stopping them and find themselves in a shootout pitting Flacco versus Brees. I’m very interested to see which way it breaks. Either way 2.5 favouring Ravens seems backwards. I’m leaning Saints to win.


With Ginn sent to the IR, this was your last week to by Tre’Quan Smith. He should be a feast of famine WR3 the rest of the way.

If the script goes Baltimore’s way this week Alex Collins should feature prominently and possibly turn his disappointing season around. Regardless of that play for this week, it is quite obvious the Ravens need help at running back. Something I’m certain they may do this offseason. Before that happens, however, Kenneth Dixon will be provided one last shot to earn his keep. He’s a few weeks away from returning but be ready to pounce, he could be the late season jolt you need for the homestretch and playoffs.

Rams -9.5 @ 49ers

Nine and a half is a lot of points for a road game. Missing Cooper Kupp ad playing a banged up Brandin Cooks, I expect the Rams may do only what is necessary to prevail in San Fran, rather than blow their doors off. A divisional game blow out in the host city seems a tall order, no matter how great the Rams have been. Niners cover.


If the Rams are going to be a legitimate dynasty and Sean McVay is going to be the next great coaching mind, you would be well served buying some exposure to this offense. I’ve gone on and on about Brandin Cooks, and you hardly need to be told to buy him, or the other two receivers, for that matter. But given the mounting injuries, this could be a time for Josh Reynolds to gain some relevancy. At the moment he’s just a guy to watch and get a feel for, or a very deep bench stash.

@ Washington -1.5 vs. Cowboys

Along with the Bill vs. Colts, this will be another game I will try to avoid.


Rico Gathers has made a few modest appearances on the score sheet. As Dallas continues to search for offense it would not be a huge surprise to see him creep into relevancy territory, particularly in this dreadful tight end market. He’s a raw athlete who a more imaginative coaching staff would likely have embraced long ago. But this is Dallas.

Aside from Derrius Guice coming back next year, I’m not a buyer of anyone on this roster of J.A.G.s.

@ Chiefs -6.5 vs. Bengals

The Chiefs almost managed to beat Belichick and Brady at Foxboro, I’m feeling confident they bounce back this week at home versus Lewis and Dalton.


I’m selling al things Bengals with the exception of Gio Bernard. I’d suggest he is the only undervalued asset on the team at the moment, while Dalton, Mixon and mostly particularly Tyler Boyd, are vastly overpriced. Green is always expensive and always worth it.

There are no bargains to be found on the Chiefs, though unlike the Bengals I believe they will hold their value. The one player I recommend stashing away on deep benches is Spencer Ware on the basis that this team is great and the position is so thin across the league. If Hunt goes down you have an instant RB1.

@ Falcons -5.5 vs. Giants

Falcons have had a few set backs this season and hosting Eli and the Giants at home seems like a great way to get things back on track. Falcons to cover.


It’s not too late to buy Austin Hooper or Ito Smith.


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