For the record – week 2 (plus season predictions)


Here’s a look at the week two matchups, who I like in each matchup and what fantasy players I may be loading up on or avoiding. Also, because I missed last week I will be plugging in a few season predictions, where relevant.

@ Steelers 5.5 over Chiefs

Coming off an uninspired tie versus the Browns the Steelers should be focused for this matchup. While I think the Steelers manage the win, I expect this could be a high scoring affair and the most exciting game of the week. Take the Steelers.

I’d own just about everyone for both teams in this one, with a slight tilt away from Tyreek Hill and towards Watkins and Kelce, who I think get some Mahomes love. Antonio Brown should also make up for a mediocre (by his standards) week 1.

Season prediction: Week 1 was a preview of things to come. The Chiefs will be the most fun team to watch for the foreseeable future, with an explosion of fantasy points to come; enough to make Sammy Watkins relevant once again.

Texans 0.5 over @ Titans

The Titans are missing half of their offensive line, possibly their starting quarterback and their number 1 passing target. Watson and the Texans are coming off of a lackluster week 1. This could be an absolute slaughter. Take the Texans.

Heavy ownership of Watson – Hopkins stack, who are likely to remind us of 2017 this week. Heavy ownership of Corey Davis who could inherit all of Walker’s targets, and then some.

Season prediction: Corey Davis will crack the top 15. Watson will come back to earth.

Chargers 7.5 over @ Bills

Another good team coming off a bad week one against a team in total disarray. The west coast team travelling across the country to play a 1 pm game is certainly a factor, but given Buffalo’s offensive woes, the Chargers should easily overcome.

Heavy ownership of Melvin Gordon. Medium-high ownership of Allen. That’s it.

Season prediction: Tyrell will be better than Mike Williams.

@ Packers 1.5 over Minnesota

Probably the toughest call of the week. A limited, if available Rodgers, versus Minnesota’s ferocious defense. It’s a coin flip game and my coin says Vikes.

In DFS terms I have very light ownership here, with the exception of a modest stake in Diggs.

Season prediction: By year end Laquon Treadwell matters.

Eagles 3.5 over @ Buccs

Defending champions versus the overconfident Buccaneers. I’ll side with the Philly D over another week of Fitzmagic.

In fantasy terms only Nelson Agholor gets me excited, and another week or Chris Godwin highlights is a possibility. I’m avoiding Evans and both backfields.

@ Falcons 6.5 over Panthers

Another team I had high hopes for that crapped the bed in week 1. Atlanta gets back on track at home and solves their red zone woes, while the Panthers adjust (again) to life without Olsen.

In DFS I will take all the shares of Julio I can get. Tevin Coleman is priced cheaply and will be heavily owned this week. I’m also on board for Austin Hooper who could get some red zone looks. McCaffrey may also absorb some Olsen targets and inflate his value.

Season prediction: Ryan serves up Julio 12+ TD passes.

@ Saints 9.5 over Browns

Sean Payton gets the Browns at home 1 week after an embarrassing loss at home to Tampa. Lightening will not strike twice. The Browns, as their known to do, compounded their problems by announcing Josh Grown will be cut Monday morning. Nothing like taking the focus off the task at hand and creating some locker room drama hours before a big road game.

Obvious owns are Kamara, Brees, Thomas. Less obvious is David Njoku who is a ticking bomb ready to explode this season. Gordon’s absence could make that a reality sooner rather than later.

Season prediction: Nick Chubb has 1,000 yards from scrimmage. Njoku has 800+ yards and 6 TDs.

@ Washington 6.5 over Colts

Difficult to get a feel for this one as both teams adjust to new or renewed quarterback situations. Given Washington’s at home and has what seems to be a more formidable defense, I’m erring on the side of the home team. The Colts feel like a team needing another week or two to figure out who their go to guys are.

I can’t say I own anyone here for DFS purposes. Unsettled backfield for Indy, questions about who the TE1 and WR2 are make only Hilton an option. For Washington both running backs and Reed have appeal.

Season prediction: Jordan Reed re-emerges as a top 5 tight end.

@ Jets 3.5 over Dolphins

Very impressive start for Sam Darnold. First start and an impressive home win. I’ll opt for Gas end the Dolphins here though. Home opener pressure coming of the big week one win is a recipe for disappointment.

DFS wise there isn’t anyone ownable. The Enunwa target share stood out in week one, but overreacting to one week is always a bad idea. I’d consider Stills the only startable weekly play.

Season prediction: Kenny Stills coming out party.

@ Rams 12.5 over Cards

Difficult to argue with this line. The Rams looked as good as the Cards looked bad, and they’re at home. This one should get out of hand quickly.

So, everyone will have Gurley, but I’d tease in some Cooks here as well as he reminds the rest of the WR room that he is head and shoulders above them.

Season prediction: A week ago I would have typed: David Johnson finishes as the highest scoring running back on the season. Not looking good so far, but I’m sticking to my guns and they don’t have to play the Rams every week.

Season prediction 2: Brandin Cooks finishes as WR1 on this team. Not Watkins 2.0.

@ 49ers 5.5 over Lions

Two week one losers face off. The Niners lost to a potentially great Vikings team in Minnesota while the Lions were shamed at home by a possibly horrible Jets squad led by a rookie QB in his first ever game. Matt Patricia was a suspect defensive coordinator last year in New England, this year he seems to have immediately rubbed everyone in Detroit the wrong way. Another Patriots coordinator about to disappoint as a head coach…

Fantasywise: George Kittle in DFS, along with some Alfred Morris and a little Kenny Golladay for garbage time.

Season prediction: None of the RBs on the San Fran roster are the next big thing and next year a new name will be atop of everyone’s list for Shanahan bump.

Patriots 1.5 over @ Jags

I’m betting the Jags take this one. The Pats look like a team still trying to figure out their personnel and the Jags have the disappointment of 2017 to fuel their fire. Get ready for lots of trash talking from Ramsay with whispers of Brady looking his age.

DFS-wise I would still take Gronk, and I’d also look to get some TJ Yeldon and Keelan Cole.

Season predictions: Career year for a healthy Gronk. Brady starts to look his age. While for the Jags Keelan Cole takes the strangle hold as WR1 on the team with 1,000+ yards, a ton from play action.

@ Broncos 5.5 over Raiders

Taking the Broncos here. The Denver home field advantage plus Gruden talking as though he will use the full ten years of his contract to turn the Raiders ship around. Denver Defense at home versus a shaken and stirred Oakland offense. Yes please.

In DFS there is no obvious own here. Emmanuel Sanders perhaps. Not buying the Cook week 1 production. Low Raiders output likely.

Season prediction: Amari Cooper is not good. Ditto Carr. Lynch becomes frustrated and vocal. Things fall apart.

In Denver I hope, more than predict, that we see Chad Kelly asap. And of we do, he will be every bit as good as what Keenum can provide.

@ Cowboys 3.5 over Giants

The Giants’ offense is the antithesis of the Cowboys’. Great weapons and no offensive line versus, a once great offensive line and no weapons. The one thing they seem to have in common is mediocre QB play. I’ll take the Eli bounce back via his many weapons over Dak playing with one.

I’m passing on all Cowboys, Zeke included. I’m buying Barkely and Beckham this week, heavily.


Season prediction: Eli will be better, Dak, Engram and Zeke will be worse.

@ Bears 3.5 over Seattle

Russell Wilson > Matt Nagy hysteria. Rome wasn’t built in a day and if Nagy is actually half as good as his hype, this Bears team may get themselves headed in the right direction. Wilson will be pressured by Mack and company but should have more than enough to keep pace with Trubisky in this one.

In DFS terms I’m buying Wilson, buying the Lockett big game and nibbling on Howard and Cohen.

Season Prediction: Wilson puts up MVP numbers but doesn’t win the MVP. Lockett has a 1,000 yard season and this is PETE CARROLL’S last season.

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