Dynasty Running Back Rankings

As the title suggests, these are my Dynasty RB rankings, and by that I mean how I would trade for them now, or how I would anticipate them being ranked at year end.

These will tick many of you off, and make others question my sanity.

But these are my guns, and I’m sticking with them (until further notice).

Dynasty RB Rankings
Running back Reasons why
Todd Gurley Complete package RB, coaching staff with a long leash and a great D is a perfect storm for success.
David Johnson Talent on par with Gurley, with slightly less coaching security.
Leveon Bell Uber talent who deserves to be paid uber dollars. Unfair league makes investing a challenge.
Alvin Kamara Coaching and offense bullettproof. Brees departure and evolution are volume question marks.
Saquon Barkley A better buy post hype. Still risks being a larger Reggie Bush. Let’s wait on this, sell him if you’ve got’em.
Ezekiel Elliott Egomaniac owner, incompetent coach, eroding talent pool = nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
Christian McCaffrey New age running back under horrible coaching and RB circumstances. He may see better tomorrow.
Dalvin Cook All the tools, save health and offensive line. Buy low candidate under what could be a disappointing 2018.
Melvin Gordon Win now asset with a sunset in sight.
Leonard Fournette A TD hammer who can catch passes on an up and coming dominant D. Sign me up.
Jordan Howard A discount version of Fournette who offers alpha if he figures out the screen pass.
Devonta Freeman As Indiana Jones once said “it’s not the years, it’s the mileage”.
Kareem Hunt Guess what. Spencer Ware is probably better.
Nick Chubb In Matt Waldman I trust.
Joe Mixon A horrible human being and a horrible organization intersect, peppered in hype. I’ll take Gio as a value.
Jamaal Williams A complete back playing with the best QB in the game for 3+ years. Yes please.
Jay Ajayi Who the hell knows. Bad knees + bad press + split backfield.
Mark Ingram He’s not so old and will find a new home, or maybe even the same one given the RB market.
Royce Freeman In two years Sanders and Thomas are gone. Who’s left other than the great D? #poundtherock
Lamar Miller Great situation for the easy to replace Miller.
Kenyan Drake Very easy to committee away or turn the page on. Not a long-term investment.
Alex Collins May hang on for a stubbornly long time, but just a place holder.
Tarik Cohen Maybe 3 years early before we adopt full touch football mode. But maybe not…
Kerryon Johnson No startable RBs since #20 retired prematurely. I’m not holding my breath here.
Peyton Barber For all the reasons I can’t cheer for Mixon, I can cheer for Barber.
Kenneth Dixon Fantasy community has quit him, het he’s a Collins hammy away from being RB1 behind a stud O-line.
Spencer Ware Andy Reid is Shanahan RB success without the hysteria. Huge year pre-Hunt who was up and down.
TJ Yeldon All around talent in a great situation with oft-injured Fournette as his only hurdle. Free agent darling to be.
Alex Jones If the other guy doesn’t work out, this is a nice hedge. Also pretty affordable.
Jerick McKinnon Shanahan mythology aside, they failed as much as they hit and always found another guy.
Ronald Jones Drafted by a GM and coach who will be gone next year. A mistake that may be swept under the rug.
Rashaad Penny Same situation, same rug. I’d draft Carson and Prosise before him.



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